Making Senior Living Exceptional With Personalized In-Home Care

In-Home Care

Does your loved one need a caregiver that visits their home in Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Irvine, or Newport Beach? At Angels for Elders, we are committed to providing your loved one with in-home care services customized specially to meet their needs. Our Orange County and Los Angeles County care providers are ready to support your loved one with daily assistance around the house, including grocery shopping, light housekeeping, and other essential activities.

We also provide friendly companionship, watchful supervision, and assistance. To ensure that all of your loved one’s needs are met, we will conduct an in-home assessment as a first step. With our in-home care approach, you know that we will be by their side at all times.

An Attentive, Qualified At-Home Caregiver Serving Los Angeles County

We know that Angels for Elders is not the only at-home caregiver in Orange County that you can reach out to, but we are your top choice. Each at-home caregiver on our team has been carefully selected based on their devotion, patience, and attentiveness. Our compassionate care providers are registered, trained, and background-checked. At Angels for Elders, we want you and your loved one to feel comfortable with the care providers we send to their homes.

If your relative prefers the care of a few specific individuals, we will accommodate all requests for preferred providers. Angels for Elders provides daily home care for a predetermined length of time, even as long as 24 hours, based on your schedule and your loved one’s needs. Regardless of the in-home care schedule that you establish with us, you can rest assured that we will be reliable and prompt. We want to learn more about your needs for in-home care today, so contact us to explore how we can meet all of those needs to your satisfaction.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

In-Home Dementia Caregivers
In Orange County

At Angels for Elders, we understand the unique challenges that come with living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. Our dementia caregivers provide services to ensure that your family member’s care needs are met. Our registered and experienced in-home caregivers provide the full range of services that your loved one needs in order to remain comfortably at home in Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach, or anywhere else in southern Orange County. We can also assist with exercises as recommended by the client’s physical therapist.

Angels for Elders provides nonmedical assistance, including meal preparations, daily hygiene assistance, light housekeeping, medication reminders, and more. We strive to be true companions to our clients in need of in-home care. We know that each of our clients has unique needs and abilities, so you can rest assured that we will tailor our services to promote a positive quality of life.

Supportive Alzheimer’s Care Services
In Los Angeles County

At Angels for Elders, our experienced in-home care providers serving Orange County and Los Angeles County are well-trained to provide the Alzheimer’s care services that your loved one needs. We believe that your loved one should be able to receive quality in-home care so that he or she can continue living in familiar, comfortable surroundings as the disease progresses. Our care providers are experienced and have the proper training and orientation on each client’s care needs before being sent to your loved one as their in-home care provider.

We know that specific needs may vary from day to day, and you can trust us to provide continuous care as the client’s conditions change. To schedule an assessment with Angels for Elders and to learn more about how our services can benefit your loved one, contact us today.

Post-Stroke & Post-Hospital Care

Tailored Post-Stroke Care In Your Orange County Home

Regardless of whether your loved one has suffered from a mild or serious stroke, he or she understandably needs specialized support in the weeks or months ahead. Our team at Angels for Elders provides post-stroke care for our Orange County and Los Angeles County clients in the comfort of their own homes. We will follow through with exercises and activities recommended by physical therapists or nurses that may help with recovery. Whether your loved one needs short-term or ongoing assistance, we support daily activities, including bathing or showering, dressing, grooming, hygiene, light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, and other nonmedical care services.

Regardless of whether you need 24-hour help from our in-home care providers or only need support for a few hours each day, expect our caregivers to be kind companions while also providing the support and supervision needed for overall well-being.

Post-Hospital Care
To Fit Your Unique Needs

When a loved one has been hospitalized with an illness or for other reasons, your primary goal is to ensure that your loved one is comfortable and cared for at home while recovering. Angels for Elders is your preferred provider for nonmedical home care services in Anaheim, Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach. When you contact us today, we will schedule an in-home assessment in order to establish an initial service plan.

Our in-home care providers offer regular assistance during the recovery period, and we will adjust our services to adapt to your loved one’s changing needs. Through our post-hospital care services, we will provide constant support to help your loved one to recover in the comfort and privacy of their own home. To schedule an in-home assessment with Angels for Elders, contact the office today.